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Animal Kingdom: TNT Releases First Episode for Gritty New Drama

TVSERIESFINALE.COM – Drama is about to get even more complex and gritty at TNT. The cable channel has released the first episode of the cable channel’s viscerally intense new series, Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom stars Ellen Barkin as Smurf, the fierce and manipulative matriarch of the outlaw Cody family of Southern California. The clan lives outside the fringes of society. There’s plenty of underlying tension — not just from the outside world, but also from within the family. Other members of the family are played by Scott Speedman, Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Jake Weary and Finn Cole. Daniella Alonso and Molly Gordon play family members’ girlfriends.

Inspired by the 2010 Australian cult film of the same name, actress Jacki Weaver played Smurf and was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar. TNT ordered a pilot in May 2015 and greenlighted the series in December. The cable channel seems committed to shifting to gritty drama series.

It was recently announced that the show will launch with a two-hour debut on June 14th, at 9pm.

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