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Press: Animal Kingdom renewed for season 3!

EW – The Codys live to fight (and steal) another day.


TNT announced it has renewed Animal Kingdom for a third season. The show, which is currently airing its second season, stars Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman, Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Jake Weary, and Finn Cole as the Cody family. Together, they live highly illegal lives, with their main form of work being stealing money from others. (Their latest victim was a church.) But with Smurf’s recent decision to kill Javi, the matriarch has taken their lifestyle to another level, so there’s no telling what season 3 could bring.


Animal Kingdom‘s second season will conclude on August 29, with the upcoming third season slated to hit TNT in 2018.


Categories animal kingdom article

Press: “Animal Kingdom” stars break down the Cody family’s rules to live by


EW – The Cody family may not follow laws, but they do have their own unique set of… rules. Heading into season 2 of TNT’s Animal Kingdom, those principles are more important than ever as the brothers break away from their mother (and caller of the shots), Smurf (Ellen Barkin). Here’s what they need to keep in mind as they set out on their own.


Family First


The saying takes many forms: Blood is thicker than water. Loyalty is everything. The list goes on. But for the Cody boys, it’s the foundation of everything they do. “Love your brothers, and always have their back,” says Scott Speedman, who plays adopted Cody brother Baz Blackwell. “I don’t think there is [an episode] without that.”


But that bond will be tested in season 2 when the brothers butt heads sans Smurf. “It’s everyone trying to find their own identity within the family,” says Ben Robson, whose Craig Cody is the muscle of the family. “And everyone has very, very different opinions of how things should be run, which adds up to a lot of conflict and great storytelling.”


Don’t Talk


While we don’t technically know if the Codys have seen Fight Club, they do observe the title organization’s first rule. “You’re going to get caught. Things go wrong when you do a heist,” Shawn Hatosy says. And as the only Cody to serve time for a job gone wrong, Hatosy’s Pope knows this better than anyone: “You just don’t talk. You don’t rat anybody out.”


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