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Press: Animal Kingdom renewed for season 3!

EW – The Codys live to fight (and steal) another day.


TNT announced it has renewed Animal Kingdom for a third season. The show, which is currently airing its second season, stars Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman, Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Jake Weary, and Finn Cole as the Cody family. Together, they live highly illegal lives, with their main form of work being stealing money from others. (Their latest victim was a church.) But with Smurf’s recent decision to kill Javi, the matriarch has taken their lifestyle to another level, so there’s no telling what season 3 could bring.


Animal Kingdom‘s second season will conclude on August 29, with the upcoming third season slated to hit TNT in 2018.


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Press: “Animal Kingdom” stars break down the Cody family’s rules to live by


EW – The Cody family may not follow laws, but they do have their own unique set of… rules. Heading into season 2 of TNT’s Animal Kingdom, those principles are more important than ever as the brothers break away from their mother (and caller of the shots), Smurf (Ellen Barkin). Here’s what they need to keep in mind as they set out on their own.


Family First


The saying takes many forms: Blood is thicker than water. Loyalty is everything. The list goes on. But for the Cody boys, it’s the foundation of everything they do. “Love your brothers, and always have their back,” says Scott Speedman, who plays adopted Cody brother Baz Blackwell. “I don’t think there is [an episode] without that.”


But that bond will be tested in season 2 when the brothers butt heads sans Smurf. “It’s everyone trying to find their own identity within the family,” says Ben Robson, whose Craig Cody is the muscle of the family. “And everyone has very, very different opinions of how things should be run, which adds up to a lot of conflict and great storytelling.”


Don’t Talk


While we don’t technically know if the Codys have seen Fight Club, they do observe the title organization’s first rule. “You’re going to get caught. Things go wrong when you do a heist,” Shawn Hatosy says. And as the only Cody to serve time for a job gone wrong, Hatosy’s Pope knows this better than anyone: “You just don’t talk. You don’t rat anybody out.”


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Press: Ben Robson on Animal Kingdom’s Intense Season 2

“If Craig is a 10-out-of-10 wild man, I have moments that range up to an eight.”


HARPER’S BAZAAR – TNT’s breakout drama Animal Kingdom is back for Season 2, with the wily, raucous Cody family returning for more hijinks and crime. Ben Robson, who plays middle child Craig, gives us a breakdown of the current season, appealing to his character’s baser instincts, and grappling with Craig’s vices.


He was attracted to the role of Craig from the start.


“I read the material and I was super drawn to my character. I actually rang up [the producers] and was like, ‘Look, I really like Craig.’ And they were like, ‘Good, that’s the only one available.’ I think when everyone looks at this sort of show, they think of the stunts and the wildness, but it’s actually a family drama. It’s a very dysfunctional family and I think that’s the draw. Three of Smurf’s kids have different fathers and Baz is adopted, then J comes in. No one has a father and it gives all these characters license to be that much more different. I just knew it was going to be a phenomenon of range to play within and understand.”


He goes a little method to get to those dark places.


“It’s difficult. When I first started acting I really struggled. I’d be happy to go to the places, but I’d really struggle to get back to myself. I’m much better at that now. But when you’re filming a TV show, you shoot for six months and you’re kind of always there with him. There might be times when I’m out having a few drinks and it’s like, ‘I should go home, but something in me is telling me to stay.’ And you’re questioning whose mentality you’re holding right then.


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Gallery: “Animal Kingdom” 2×05 and 2×06 Photos



Gallery Links:

  • Television Productions > Animal Kingdom [2016] > Season 02 > Promotional & Episodic Photography > 2.06 – Cry Havoc
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  • Television Productions > Animal Kingdom [2016] > Season 02 > Episode Screencaptures > 2.06 – Cry Havoc


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Gallery Catch Up

I finally was able to update the site through 2×04 of Animal Kingdom, Ben’s events, photoshoots, and magazines. I will update the caps to Animal Kingdom 2×05 as as soon as I can.



Gallery Links:


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Q&A: Animal Kingdom’s Ben Robson Talks Boxing, Burgers, Beer—and Season One Finale

Q&A: Animal Kingdom’s Ben Robson Talks Boxing, Burgers, Beer—and Season One Finale

TV’s most badass family is wrapping things up in the season finale tonight—but don’t worry: Smurf and her boys will be back next year for the recently-confirmed Season 2. Speaking of the boys, we got to sit down with Ben Robson who plays perhaps the roughest, toughest criminal/son in the bunch, Craig Cody. Turns out, Robson isn’t quite as fearless as Craig in real life, but he’s learned a few things about confidence from his character—that we’re definitely stealing for ourselves. We also talked fitness, extreme sports, and diet—and how he gets away with eating all those burgers and beer on the show.

Men’s Fitness: On the show, your character is known as a tough, fearless adrenaline junkie. What’s the toughest or most wild thing Craig has done on the show this far?
Ben Robson: God, there’s so many. It’s tough. I think the part where I was playing chicken with a truck … I was pulling a wheelie between Deran’s car and avoided the truck—that was crazy. Or, the fight when he’s skydiving and throwing his brother out before the right jump time is kind of amusing. I would probably still have to say that the wildest thing is the one all the brothers did together, in episode nine, when they head up to the naval base. [Watch here to find out what happens!]

MF: What about you in real life? Would you describe yourself as having a similar tough, fearless attitude?
BR: I’d love to think I was like that but I’m definitely nowhere near Craig’s level. I don’t think he ever feels there’s any consequences to his actions whereas the reality is … I find myself not getting away with it. I’ve always had an interest in pushing myself into positions that are uncomfortable, just because I feel that’s how you grow as a person. If you’re always challenging yourself, you tend to grow and find things out about yourself. It’s been fun to play a character like Craig, because he teaches you it’s okay to push yourself into places that you might not necessarily go—or challenge or dare yourself to a certain extent. Even when we’d been in the airplane, standing on the edge of the plane with a tiny cable as I was looking down 16,000 feet—I mean, that’s stuff I feel I’m learning from him.

MF: So, of all the stuff Craig has taught you, do you have any tips for us—how to be more fearless when we don’t feel super tough?
BR: Yeah, I think it’s like anything that’s scary or sort of difficult—like if you try to get into a relationship with someone, or a test, or just something that you know gets your adrenaline going to a certain extent. It’s always worth pushing yourself to see what’s possible and what you’re capable of. There’s always going to be something that’s instilled into me by my father. The more you try and the more you persevere with things, anything’s sort of possible. It just takes hard work and a certain mindset to achieve it. Craig’s very much loose, wild, and is up for that life to a certain extent. It’s exciting to see what you’re capable of doing. You only find out by challenging yourself.

MF: Craig’s a very strong—physically—character and you have to stay in great shape. What do you in the gym to maintain your physique that is often on full display on screen?
BR: Yeah, full display is the right word! I’ve always kind of stayed quite fit just because I get antsy if I’m not moving and running around. I definitely adapted my training for this. I knew it was very aggressive so I took up boxing and got myself a trainer. Boxing is something I’ve always enjoyed doing, but I’ve went into it a lot more and really learned how to do it. That’s obviously an incredible workout, and it’s totally addictive as well because you start getting better and better with the combos, the flow, and the routine. At the same time, I’m in the gym doing different routines. I manage to do some circuit training, then be out in about an hour. After the gym, you feel sort of strong and good about yourself, but it’s not something I enjoy doing for hours on end.

[When you’re in peak physical shape] you do start feeling a lot more confident in your own belief of what you’re capable of doing, which is something that each one of these Codys have. When they walk down the street, they have a certain swag about them. I think when you feel as if you’d be confident in a fight or be able to look after yourself, or strong, or in great shape, it definitely brings sort of a sense of confidence that I feel would be unrivaled.

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