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GQ Men of the Year Party

Last week, Ben attended the GQ Men of the Year party in Hollywood, CA. He looks amazing and so good to see him out and about. I also added some new appearance photos of Ben from last month attending InStyles 2016 Golden Globe party. Check them out in the gallery.

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Ben Robson Leads Life Of Crime In TNT Pilot ‘Animal Kingdom’

DEADLINE.COM – Ben Robson (Vikings) has landed a lead role in TNT’s drama pilot Animal Kingdom, from John Wells Prods. in association with Warner Horizon Television. The pilot centers on 17-year-old Joshua “J” Cody (Finn Cole), who moves in with his wild, freewheeling grandmother (Ellen Barkin) and uncles in their Southern California beach town after his mother ODs. He is pulled into their life of indulgence and excess and soon discovers that it’s all being funded by the bank robberies they commit.

Robson will play Craig, the tough, fearless middle son of the Cody crime family. A veteran criminal, he is an extreme-sports maniac and the most daring of the Codys. Scott Speedman, and Shawn Hatosy also star in the pilot, which starts shooting Friday.

Robson plays Kalf on History’s Vikings and next appears in Lakeshore’s thriller The Boy, due out in January. He is repped by UTA and Management 360.

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[MOVING] Servers!

Due to unexpected issues that are out of our control, our fansite hosting service is closing its doors, and this means I am currently working behind the scenes to get our site up-and-running at a new host.

I am trying everything I can to avoid any downtown and we apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Right now we are transferring all our files to our new server and I hope the downtime won’t cause too much inconvenience. Don’t forget to follow our twitter account @BenRobsonNetwrk – I will use it to keep you up-to-date on any downtime or other errors.

As of Monday, August 10th, the site will not be available but as soon our transfer is done, I will let you know. The URL is still going to be the same. Please bear with me while I work on moving servers.

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‘Vikings’ Season 4: 10 Spoilers We Learned From The Show’s Comic-Con 2015 Panel And Trailer

DESIGNNTREND.COM – “Vikings” stars Travis Fimmel (Ragnar), Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), Clive Standen (Rollo) and Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn), along with series creator Michael Hirst, raided this year’s San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, July 10, to tease the upcoming season 4 of the historical drama. The panel, which also featured History executive vice president Dirk Hoogstra, debuted a brand new trailer for the new installment, which will premiere next year. Below are 10 things we learned from the show’s panel and trailer:

10) There will be a time jump.
As seen in the one and a half minute trailer, Ragnar’s younger children have aged. And in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hirst confirmed that they have indeed recast some of Ragnar’s sons, who “will play a bigger and bigger part in season 4.”

“This has never been the Ragnar Lothbrok show, this is a show about Vikings. And again historically speaking, a couple of Ragnar’s sons did become more famous than he was,” explained Hirst of why the time jump is necessary. “I’m thinking particularly of Bjorn and the wonderfully named Ivor the Boneless. Ivor’s story is a crucial and amazing part of season 4.”

9) Ragnar will be fascinated with death.
After faking his death in an attempt to infiltrate Paris in the season 3 finale, Fimmel said during the panel that the weakened King of Denmark will be “intrigued by death” when the show returns next year. “He’s got very close to death,” the actor said. “A lot of this year is his fascination with death. Like Odin, who hung himself to feel how it felt to be dead.”

Hirst further explained Ragnar’s season 4 storyline during his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, saying that even though Ragnar has managed to return to Kattegat after a fairly long journey from Paris, “he’s still desperately ill — he’s at death’s door.”

Hirst added that “some of the early parts of next season are about the possibility of him dying and what are the ramifications of that. Who’s going to rule and what will it mean if the great Ragnar Lothbrok dies now? It sets up all future possible conflicts about the consequences of him dying. You can see the people cueing up to claim power.”

8) Bjorn will go on a spiritual journey.
Ludwig revealed during the panel that Bjorn will embark on a spiritual quest to become more of a man while mourning the departure of his wife Porunn (Gaia Weiss).

“He decides to figure out his life and go out to the woods. And while he’s there, this bear starts stalking him,” the 23-year-old Canadian actor teased. “Ironically, the bear had a bigger résumé than anyone else on the set. It was the ‘Anchorman’ bear. I was starstruck.”

7) Rollo will marry Princess Gisla.
As seen in the trailer, Rollo accepts Emperor Charles’ (Lothaire Bluteau) offer to marry his daughter, Princess Gisla (Morgane Polanski). And in return, the Viking warrior appears to turn against his own brother, Ragnar, and helps the Franks defend the city against the Northmen.

But in an interview with IGN, also at Comic-Con, Standen suggested that Rollo’s allegiance to the Franks might only be part of a bigger plan for the Vikings to finally break into Paris. “The real question is: is Rollo really gonna betray his brother? Or is this gonna be another route into Paris again?” Standen teased.

6) England will still be a big part of season 4.
Even though the series has significantly expanded its “world” with the addition of Paris as a major setting, fans will still see more of Linus Roache’s King Ecbert and other characters in England.

“He’s a fascinating character,” Hirst said of King Ecbert during the panel. “A good foil for Ragnar. There are many things they have in common, which they recognize. They may well, ultimately, get the chance to talk about some of the things they have in common.”

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Hard to Lose Stills & Poster

I have added some new stills from Ben’s short film he made last year. I also added a poster from the film as well. If anyone can cap this (since its a UK film), feel free to send it on by.

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The Boy Will Come in 2016

DREADCENTRAL.COM – First off if you think that the innocently written headline is at all dirty, then you are my kind of people and I love you all! Secondly, Deadline is reporting that the new film featuring “The Walking Dead’s” Lauren Cohan entitled The Boy has gotten itself a release date. Look for The Boy in theatres on January 22, 2016 via STX Entertainment and on home video thereafter via Universal.

Cohan stars in the horror thriller from Lakeshore Entertainment and Vertigo Entertainment. William Brent Bell (The Devil Inside) is directing the project, which is aiming for a January 22, 2016, release. Jim Norton (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets), Diana Hardcastle (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), Ben Robson (“Vikings”), Rupert Evans (Hellboy) and James Russell (“Blue Bloods”) also star.

The script, written by Stacey Menear, centers on a nanny (Cohan) who is tasked with overseeing a lifelike doll by a bizarre couple who treat it as a real child. The couple use the doll as way to cope with the death of their young son, but the nanny becomes increasingly convinced that it is alive.

Producing are Lakeshore’s Gary Lucchesi and Tom Rosenberg, Vertigo’s Roy Lee and Adam Stone, along with Jim Wedaa.

Greta (Cohan), a young American woman looking to escape a troubled past, takes a job in a small England village as a nanny for a wealthy couple’s 8-year-old son while they take a long vacation. She arrives at the remote manor to discover that things are not quite right. The surprisingly elderly Mr. & Mrs. Heelshire have a list of strict rules for her to follow in caring for their son Brahms, and they mysteriously warn Greta that not following them precisely could result in something terrible. But, the most disturbing realization of all is that Brahms is not an actual 8-year-old boy….he’s a life-sized porcelain doll, whom the doting parents care for and deeply love, just like a real boy.

“If you love him,” Greta is sternly instructed, “he will love you back.”

Isolated and alone, Greta notices that every time she breaks a rule, something strange happens in the house, and the doll reappears in different places and positions than where she put him. Compelled to uncover the mystery behind Brahms, Greta enlists the help of the local grocery delivery man, the only human being she sees for weeks, who shares horrifying details about the Heelshire family’s disturbing past, leading Greta to realize that she wasn’t just hired – she was chosen.

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‘Vikings’ Bulks Up With Three New Regulars for Season 4 (Exclusive)

HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM – Following its deadly third season, History’s Vikings is adding three new series regulars to its cast.

Finnish actors Peter Franzen (The Gunman) and Jasper Paakkonen (Frozen Land, Secret Lives) as well as Dianne Doan (Once Upon a Time) have joined the drama series created by Michael Hirst, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Franzen will play King Harald Finehair, a Scandinavian warrior and potential threat to Ragnar (Travis Fimmel). Paakkonen is set to play Halfdan the Black, Finehair’s younger brother. Doan will portray Yidu, a new and unique Chinese character who will have a big role in season four.

Season four, already underway in Ireland, will feature a time jump of a “couple of years,” Hirst told THR after the season three finale.

The castings come as Vikings said farewell to Jessalyn Gilsig’s Siggy and George Blagden’s Athelstan in its third season.

Franzen is repped by Paradigm and Untitled Entertainment, as well as Actors in Scandinavia; Paakkonen is with ICM Partners, Lisa Richards and Anonymous Content; and Doan is with Principals Talent Management.

Vikings returns in 2016.